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Custom Wood Cutting Boards

Custom cutting boards, what can I say. Hmmmmm, let's see. Here at RVA Cutting Boards I receive orders for custom cutting boards rather regularly. Over the last year or two, custom cutting boards have become a big part of my business. For example, three orders for wood cutting boards to fit over sinks. A couple of orders for wood cutting boards to fit in tight spaces in RV campers. I recently had an order for a wood cutting board to be 16" x 16" but the homeowner wanted it to be 36" tall. He was using it not only as a cutting surface but for a decorative piece to be placed in a corner of his kitchen.      Handmade custom wood cutting boards are a great way to express your own individual style and taste. RVA Cutting Boards loves to help clients with capturing their vision. Its really rewarding to see a client's face light up upon receiving their custom cutting board. "The best cutting board I've ever seen!" is a typical response.       Ready to d…

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