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Shop Local! RVA Cutting Boards

      My wife, Teresa, and I just returned from Wintergreen, Va. back to Laurel, Va. which is located in Glen Allen Va. just outside of Richmond, Va. One thing I can't help but to notice is all of the local businesses located up in the beautiful rolling hills of the Blue Ridge mountain range. Teresa and I make an effort to shop at local businesses whenever we can. Teresa and I ourselves are both small business owners so we understand the potential struggles of being a small and local business. So in the spirit of encouraging all of us to help support local businesses, I am sharing some info I found. Please take a moment to read the following below and then go to and visit our links page! In lean times, consumers pinch pennies and eliminate most luxuries. From cutting back on extras to more prudent spending and budgeting, people inject a degree of caution into their financial habits. In such a volatile environment, smaller, local businesses count on your

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